The Role Played by Videos in SEO

Audio-visual communication forms have been proven to be integral in search engine optimization. As such, statistics confirm that businesses that regularly use videos receive close 40% more traffic than those that don’t. Well, videos a longer the new kid on the block but are an integral element when in SEO. Besides just improving your rankings, they also keep your customers entertained, which goes a long way in improving your conversion rates.

How Videos Improve SEO

man watching videos online

The use of videos in SEO or business varies significantly as they can be used to achieve different things. For instance, you can use them to introduce a new product, explain how a product works, impart relevant knowledge based on your offerings, or to show off your workplace. That said, here is how the use of videos impacts your SEO.

Generating Social Signals

The use of videos in social media depends on how well you capture the audience. A hilarious video can quickly light up social media. In light of this, Google and other major search engines factor in social media reputation when ranking businesses. So you stand to gain a lot more if your brand is popular on social media. When your videos are able to get thousands of shares and clicks, the big brother of search engines (Google) will reward you accordingly.

Building Backlinks

Part of content marketing and SEO involves using high-quality backlinks. As such, a good number of business owners and online marketers leverage on the power of online video sharing to improve their link building strategy. You can have your website link embedded on your videos on social media or YouTube. This means anyone watching one can quickly click into your link and find themselves on your site.

Keeps the Bounce Rate Low

online videos The Bounce rate, or how long visitors spend on your site is a crucial metric in Google’s ranking algorithms. As such, having some excellent videos on your site encourages visitors to stay a little bit longer on your site, thus keeping your bounce rate low. Keeping your bounce rate low goes a long way in improving your rankings and videos can help you do better.

Search engines love quality videos. As such, for all sorts of video creation needs ranging from corporate video production to funny clips, it is imperative to enlist the services of a distinguished video production company. Video production is a difficult skill to master. Let the pros handle this job for you and give your customer a memorable visual experience.