Had the huge pleasure and honor to work with Luc Besson again on his recent film LUCY, helping him visualize a lot of the more cerebral portions of his fantastic script. Was fun to work with him early on to develop and visualize the future computers seen at the end and visualize some other really out there ideas. One of the first big projects to come out finally working as an independent directly with the client/director, was fun to go on set, see our names in the credits as ourselves and be able to post our work with no hassle...... amazing! :)

Future computers, various explorations working with Luc to visualize what he wanted the future computers to look like, he had a pretty specific idea for what they should look like, the finals sort of ended up being a mix of both of these. Enjoy!

(Go fullscreen to view everything more high res)

The future usb containing all the secrets of the universe......wish they would have stuck to something more funky and 'grown' looking in the final film.

Here was the look and form development of the future computers, some of the initial ideas were inspired from choral reefs, stalagmites, icicles, termite mounds and the natural forms/structures made in their colonies. (There are some visualizations where scientists poured concrete/metal into a colony then excavate the form once its hardened).

Initial crack at visualizing the computers in more fidelity taking Luc's notes into consideration.

Visualizing how the future computers would grow out of LUCY. This was based on a sketch by one of the storyboard artists Eric Gandois.

After the more organic exploration i was asked to explore a more hard surfaced looking design for the computers. The finals ended being somewhere in-between the two directions.

Visualizing how Lucy might start interfacing with all the computers around her at the end as her body starts to form into the future computer.

Various seqence designs for the film, helping luc visualize how to go from a girl in a chair on earth, backwards and forwards in time to the farthest reaches of space to the big bang and back to a single cell.

This was the sequence of the drugs bursting in Lucy's stomach, and then the visualization of the drug through her veins, pretty cool to see the final look like these early illustrations.

First image in this sequence of the empty stomach was by Eduardo Pena, i had to do the sequence of the drug going through her veins over top.

At one point in the script towards the end when Lucy is almost at 100% potential, we see through her eyes again at how she sees the world around her. This was visualizing what one of the scientists looks like through her eyes. (the scene was cut in the end). One of the starting points Luc asked for was thinking about things like the solar flare tendrils on the sun, so i started with that and branched off into other visualizations, keeping mind the human vascular system and how fluids flow through the human body, trying to integrate things like galaxy and nebula patterns and other directions ignoring that for something a bit more 'stylized'. Extremely fun assignment to do, was bummed when i saw that it got cut, but at least you can see a bit of the explorations into what could have been for that scene.

Luc wanted this to be the equivalent to the moment in the Matrix where Neo can now see the code of the digital world around him, but what if LUCY could see the natural/real world at an even deeper level and understand and feel everything around her at a micro and macro scale, what if she could see the atomic/cellular activity of a human being, the magnetic fields/waves/energies that pulse and flow around/in/out of us and connect us to others, the cellular and radio waves in the air, everything..............what would THAT look like?

Early poster design i did for fun before any actors and anyone was cast trying to combine a lot of the out there ideas from the script into an evocative image.