Had the pleasure of working on this film for around 3 years (starting in 2009) alongside my incredible co-workers Aaron Beck, Christian Pearce and Leri Greer. Was one of the first films i worked on right out of design school so it was a huge learning experience for me trying to keep up with guys who had just come off working on District 9 and AVATAR... intimidating to say the least! It has been a really incredible experience seeing this go from words on a page back in 2009, to the finished product nearly 4 years later. My co-workers really set the tone and feel for the world we created in the film, i learned and grew heaps over that time, it was by far the best experience i have had working on a film to date!


And dont forget to get a copy of the 'Art of' book!

Film is finally released, book is out and others have posted their work already so here were a few things that i did on the film seen publicly online and in the 'Art of' book. Enjoy!

While the set in the final film was different, was cool to see that they matched the lighting pretty closely from my painting.

Some exo exploration, more super early stuff can be seen in the art of book, this was around the time we needed to start refining things down. Aaron Beck did the final design seen in the film.

As with most of the images featuring the main character, all tattoo designs on the chest/neck/face area were designed by Aaron Beck.

Robot designs

Some really early ideas in 2009 for a 'Raytheon' body in the future.

Another one from 2010. This started as a concept painting that was then approved and manufactured at Weta Workshop, but ultimately scrapped for the much cooler full CG robots seen in the final film kicking ass (though we also built heaps of practical versions of those for the actors to interact with as well) that Christian Pearce's ninja hands designed in a matter of seconds!

Neill's select painted up in some gear to show what it might look like in context.

So from those paintings Neill picked the one on the far right and i worked with the guys manufacturing everything to help get the design built. Fun times!

The head was manufactured at this point but the budget expanded to do full CG robot body and Neill liked this head design so i had to turn it into a fully robotic version and put it onto the current body which was designed by a combination of designers at the workshop, so just the head was designed by me, you can see the full body in the 'Art Of' book. In the end this design was ultimately scrapped, i think the only vague similarities that made it into the final bot would be the sort of canister mouth (final bot had a rad dual canister mouth).

Kruger was initially going to get killed and have his brain transplanted into this horrible killer robot that terrorized and murdered all the gangsters invading ELYSIUM. As with many things this all got cut and he just got fitted with a more advanced Exo-Skeleton to have an epic showdown with Max. 2010

One of the first designs done literally on the first week in 2009 exploring what the robotic police force could look like.

Sandro and Spiders laptops seen in the film.

Grenade Design: Ben Mauro
Logos/Graphics: Leri Greer.

Krugers Wrist Devices

Rhodes Wrist Device

Kruger Katana Exploration and final design seen in film


As with most of the designs in the film Logos/Graphics by Leri Greer.

Carlyles ship

Elysian food device.

Elysium citizen flesh design exploration, we did hundreds of these, here were a few.

Early Kruger designs.

And after all those pretty things lets end on a high note. :)

Want to see way more cool stuff from the development of the film? Pick up a copy of the amazing Art of ELYSIUM where you can see thousands more designs from everyone else!