These started as CDW Wellington Demos done over the course of a week, 3 hour sessions each day (15 hours total). This is a little overview of what was created during the workshop, if you would like to watch the creation of all of this being made please see part one in the ZBrush for Concept Artists series available here.

All of these were done as a design brief for a imaginary client, this would be the initial round of exploration sent off to get conversations started as to where the director wants to take the characters in his film.

Wanted to test myself by illustrating colors/patterns/forms i typically don't, which made for an interesting 3 hours to say the least! This character is based on a really incredible photo of a parrot fish that was completely blue, i wanted to try to capture as much of that as i could instead of defaulting to something more commonly seen. Also intentionally keeping the character a little goofy looking for the sake of doing something different than i normally would.


Small sample of development work for creating the costumes/culture/props.

Taking some of the more successful elements and building the costume.

Polypainting elements to get basic color/material breakups. Thought it would be pretty striking to have this characters clothing all pale faded materials, like they use every part of the creatures they kill. Using bones and every part of the animals to fashion weapons and clothing from their skins which fade in the sun on their planet. So his 'grenade' looking devices on his chest and the spear along with other elements on his costume would all be carved pale bone objects.

Slightly more detailed view of the sonar shield the aliens wear on their backs. I imagine the panels being some translucent rock/crystal material they find in their environment and fashion into tools/weapons to survive in their environment.

This creature was created before the workshop but i decided to have these two characters be part of the same universe. On the last day i started sculpting the body of this creature, this page showcasing some initial ideas and reference before i got started.

Body sculpt of HH creature

Rite of passage moment between young aliens and HH creature.

Quick image showing some of the sonar concepts i came up with during the workshop while creating the main characters gear. This idea fit the scenario that was created and i ran with it, so most of the gear that these aliens have (at least in this tribe) are built around enhancing/deflecting/controlling sonar in order to deal with the HH creature which plays a big role in their culture. These devices might be something that the aliens get in adulthood, i was thinking as a rite of passage from boy to man a group of them would need to survive an encounter with the creature with just their wits and their environment. Once that basic rule was set i could just have fun coming up with interesting ideas for how they could deal with an encounter with the creature, the shield was one solution and could be worn on their back and made out of some material found in their environment that they figured out many generations ago was able to deflect the sound-waves emitted by this creature and then fashioned into these devices.

Quick rendering of the HH creature, not very happy with how it turned out. I think the grey model and the scene with all the characters surrounding it better showcase the design i was going for.... this angle looks too friendly/boring or something? I will probably take another crack at this sometime in-between some other creatures i was sketching out.

First pass at the alien Theria creature. I'm trying to tie all of these guys together some how, like maybe most of the creatures don't have eyes or see the world with some form of sonar? So this creature would act more like a prey animal with eyes on the sides of his head. So the large flat planes on his front sides emit sonar left and right from some internal organ (or maybe the petal form on his back emits the pulse and the head area picks up the signal?), whereas the HH creature acts more like a predator with eyes in front of its face emitting sonar forward. I imagine this guy eating more like an ant eater, some long weird tongue coming out the front to eat plant life in the area.

Some sort of herbivore type creature in this universe, wanted it to feel a bit more prehistoric like some sort of alien Ankylosaurus/Stegosaurus type of creature, overall a very docile creature but has a natural weapon built into its back to defend itself with. The idea was that this creatures back would either contain the material they use to make the deflector shields against the HH creature or was just the inspiration to build them after seeing the creature defend itself in the wild. I was trying to keep the color of the back similar to the deflector shield and also make the overall shape vaguely similar, so they could have gotten inspiration from this creatures back to design their defensive tools from and also to imply the material used is in their back or that they found a crystal/rock material that had similar properties as this animal to deflect and absorb the sound from the HH creature.

Neobatracia - Some sort of alien winged poison dart frog type creature that has the ability to glide from tree to tree, this guy is a bit smaller than the green variant and also has a thin membrane between his back wings to help glide/maneuver faster to evade predators. Will be doing a more elaborate rendering of the design soon posed on a branch or something so you can see it in a more dynamic view and/or maybe a grey render to show the form a bit more clearly? Similar to other creatures in this world it sees its surroundings with some sort of sonar type pulse, the head is some advanced almost completely circular disc type form, almost like the big radar dishes you see on AWAC’s, so this little guy has a very clear picture of his surroundings from 360 degrees while it is in the air. Think it would look really cool as this creature twists and turns in the air and this disc head form rotates first as it leans into turns, like some strange shifting geometric form cutting through the air.

Starting to block out a larger scene with around 10 new creatures, a small teaser below.